Pacific Highlands/Carmel Valley Village Loop

Residents of Pacific Highlands Ranch are urging the mayor to complete the Village Loop.

Because there are six schools within a few miles of each other, the morning and afternoon rush before and after school has resulted in commuting times that are becoming more protracted. According to some people, it can take up to 45 minutes to drive just a couple of kilometers.

In its current state, the road comes to a complete halt 700 feet short of where it would join with the main highway. However, the property through which the road would be built is now undeveloped and belongs to a private entity. According to injury attorneys at JD Injury Law, This can create an unsafe and dangerous situation, with the risk of  There have been multiple incidents of youngsters being struck by impatient cars who have ran red lights or made unsafe, illegal turns on red lights, according to locals. 

It is possible that the Village Center Loop Road, which connects two large schools and a shopping center, will provide traffic with a second route through the neighborhood. In the meantime, though, the road comes to an abrupt halt around 700 feet from where it would otherwise join with the main artery, Carmel Valley Road.

The developer of an adjacent housing development has already agreed to construct the road, and the city has set aside funds to cover its half of the cost of the construction.

However, the land through which the completed road would be built is now undeveloped and privately held, which means it cannot be used for construction purposes. Councilmember Barbara Bry attempted to get all parties together immediately after taking office in 2017 to negotiate a fair price for the land shortly after entering office in 2017.

However, only the Mayor’s office has the authority to sign off on a contract, and when initial conversations came to a halt, Bry claims that no current effort has been made to achieve a settlement, despite her repeated appeals for assistance.

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